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Annual pediatric report….pdf

The fifth-year lectures curriculum  2016-2017

lecturer hours subject
أ.م.د.سوسن عيسى حبيب 1 Introduction to Pediatric Department

Ethics & Communication Skills

أ.م.د.عائدة عبد الكريم منثر 2 Growth and Development
·  Factors affecting growth and development

·  Pattern of growth from birth to puberty

·  Methods of measurement of stature and growth charts

·  Developmental milestone

م.د. ضحى صبيح جمعة 2 Immunity and Immunization
·   Introduction to immune system

·   Vaccination

·   Immunization schedule in Iraq

م.د. ضحى صبيح جمعة 2 Infant Feeding
·   Breast feeding

·   Formula feeding

·   Feeding problems

أ.م.د.سوسن عيسى حبيب 7 Nutrition
·  Integrated management of childhood illnesses

·  Malnutrition

·  Failure to thrive

·  Malabsorption: Celiac  disease and cystic Fibrosis

·  Acute Diarrhea, Vibriosis

·  Fluid therapy in Diarrhea

· Obesity

م.د. علياء محمد راضي 2 Vitamins Disorders
· Vitamin A

· Calcium metabolism and Rickets

· Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn

م.د.حنان راضي عبود 7 Infectious Diseases
·  Fever and Rash: Roseola infantum, Measles, Chickenpox

·  Rubella and Congenital Rubella

·  Whooping cough, Mumps

·  Enteric fever, Brucellosis, Kala-Azar

·  Tuberculosis

·  Tetanus

·  Streptococcal Infections: Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever

م.د.جواد كاظم عطية 1 Infectious Diseases, Cont.,
·  Meningitis and encephalitis
م.د. ميامي كاظم يوسف 1 Infectious Diseases, Cont.,

·  Acute Flaccid Paralysis: Poliomyelitis, Infectious polyneuritis


م.د.أسعد عيسى عاشور 2 Gastrointestinal tract diseases
·Viral Hepatitis

·Diseases  of the mouth

·Abdominal pain, H. pylori Infection


م.د.بهاء عبد الحسين أحمد 3 Neurological Disorders in Children
·  Intellectual Dysfunction 

·  Cerebral palsy

·  Seizures in Children 

·  Neuromuscular disorders

م.د.حسين جاسم محمد 4 Respiratory Diseases
·  Integrated management of child hood illnesses

·   Wheezy infant, Bronchiolitis

·   Stridor

·   Pneumonia

·   Bronchial asthma

أ.م.د.عائدة عبد الكريم منثر 4 Diseases of the Newborn
·  Normal Newborn, Low Birth Weight Babies

·  Premature Baby and SGA

·  Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

·   Hemolytic Diseases of the Newborn

م.د.عاصم خالد عاصم 6 Diseases of the Newborn, cont.,
· Birth Injuries

· Neonatal Infections

· Birth Asphyxia

· Respiratory Distress in newborn babies

· Neonatal Convulsions

أ.د.ميعاد كاظم حسن 4 Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
·   Approach to Anemia in Children

·   Hereditary Anemia

·   Aplastic Anemia

م.د. علياء محمد راضي 2 Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
·   Hemorrhagic Disorders

·   Thrombocytopenia

·   Hemophilia, Von Willebrand Disease

أ. د. جنان غالب حسن 2 Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
·   Leukemia

·   Lymphomas

م.د. ميامي كاظم يوسف 3 Genetic Disorders
·  Inheritance pattern

·  Chromosomal abnormalities

·  Prenatal diagnosis

·  Genetic counseling

·  Gene therapy

م.د.جواد كاظم عطية 2 Cardiovascular Disorders
·  Congenital heart disease

·   Viral Myocarditis and Heart Failure

م.د.عباس عبد خزعل 3 Endocrine Disorders
·  Diabetes mellitus: Type I & Type II

·  Diabetic Ketoacidosis

·  Hypothyroidism

م.د. ضحى صبيح جمعة 1 Endocrine Disorders cont,
·  Short stature
م.د.عباس عبد خزعل 3 Renal Diseases
·  Urinary Tract Infection

·  Acute glomerulonephritis

·  Nephrotic syndrome

·  Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, Acute Kidney Injury

م.د.بهاء عبد الحسين أحمد 2 Habits and Behavioral Disorders
·  Habit disorders, sleep disorders, continence disorders, and eating disorders


·  Autism

أ. د.جنان غالب حسن 2 Rheumatology
·   Rheumatoid arthritis

·  Vasculitis: Henoch-Schölein Purpura

م.د.حسين جاسم محمد 2 Poisoning
·  Drug Poisoning – Approach to Initial Measures

·  Organophosphorus, Iron, Paracetamol  Poisoning

·  Hydrocarbons Poisoning