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Research Line

The Research plan of the department of pathology:

1- Immunohistochemical study of undifferentiated gastric tumor in Basrah.

2- Immunohistochemical study of Gastro-Iintestinal Stromal Tumor(GIST) in Basrah.

3- Cytogentic study of children with Down syndrome in Basrah.

4- Molecular study and cytogenetic study of patients with Fragile X syndrome in Basrah.

5- Triple marker study of high risk pregnancy in Basrah .

6- Cytogenetic study of patients with primary amenorrhoea in Basrah.

7- Immunohistochemical,Molecular & Cytogenetic studies of patients with breast carcinoma in Basrah.

8- Immunohistochemical study of patients with lymphoma in Basrah.

9- Immunohistochemical and molecular study of malignant small round cell tumor in childhood in Basrah.