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The provide staff & Students with an excellent service in all aspects of academic regarding obstetrics & Gynaecology and the department is committed to enhancing advanced teaching technology and student learning experience.

  • The plan is to improve further the quality of the student’s experience at the extent to which we create employable graduates.
  • To ensure that the students learning experience is enriched by the department commitment to being a research –led department.
  • Staff development in the field of subspecialties, like reproductive medicine, medical genetic, fetal medicine and gynaecological oncology.
  • Communication with our community in creation of safe motherhood and screening program for common gynaecological malignancies.
  • Finding guidelines for common obstetrical and gynaecological problems.
  • Improve antenatal diagnostic program by arranging courses and equipments for early diagnosis of obstetrical problems.
  • Researches will be directed to epidemiological studies to find out incidences of common gynaecological and obstetrical problems.
  • The department is committed to publish leaflets directed to the public explaining in a simple language about common problem in the field of specialty.
  • Gynecological and obstetrical text will be published to help the students to understand the syllabus.
  • Our commitment is to improve other similar young departments’ performance in the southern medical colleges.
  • Department web-site will include all the activities and research works.Regular courses in the department’s specialty to enhance CME.