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Checking Division

General Description about Division Work

The role of this unit is to check all salaries records for (teaching staff, doctors, administers, technician and service workers). The unit checks contracts, daily wages, spending schedules, trust funds, revenue and the records of higher education fund. The unit also matches all the detection and checks all spending documents, deposit, deduction schedules and cheques then send it to concern departments.

The Future Vision of the Division and the Ambition after 5 years:

The ambition of checking division is rapid expansion through training courses and link it with specialized cadres. The aim of this division is preparing computers programs to check the work in checking and supervision

 Full Name

Academic Achievement

 Academic Title

Date of start Working in Division

Description the job of the workers

Intihaa Mohammed Alwan

Trade Junior



Manager of Checking and Observation Division
Hanan Ali Muhsin

Trade Junior



Accountant in the Division