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Documents Unit

      General Description about the Work of the Division

Record grades to all scholastic stages.

  1. Check documents (grades and the number of hours) and also bachelor certificates.
  2. Check emails and confirm the validity of the issuance graduated certificates for higher education students.
  3. Students ID for redeployed students.
  4. Check emails for documents submission and bachelor certificate by priority.
  5. Organize university orders for first and second course students’ results.
  6. Foreign correspondence should be checked.
  7. Bachelor degree certificates from calligrapher should be checked.
  8. Receive and delivery the clearance and uniform for graduated students.
  9.  Check archive.
  10.  Seal the documents and confirm the validity of documents.
  11.  Students ID.
  12.  Print university orders, documents, bachelor degree certificate and service record program, for Diploma, Master, PHD certificates and master sheet.

 The Future Vision of the Division and the ambition after 5 years

The unit ambition is to undertake attention and importance from university and dean of university for documents unit and provides it with new machines to be suitable for the job of university and use more programs to save files and grades to cope with the development, for instance files and students’ grades should be saved in separate program. Each graduate student has a number, When student wish to have his certificate documents unit use this program without returning to paper records and follow specific system to avoid fraud.