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Registration Unit

Including the following:

  1. Register students in website and link it with database for current academic year.
  2. Change all students’ files to” box file” divided into sections to improve the process of saving data in it.
  3. Working on electronic archive.
  4. Place files for new students “box file” in isolated locations subsidiary to preliminary studies unit where all files is saved in locked closet ordered according to the stage of study in university.
  5.  Use big screen ((LSD)) to present schedules and results instead of normal advertisement board.
  6. Update new internal Earth link network for students unit to export information among units and others university departments then link it with university Earth link network.
  7. Update new hard disk (network attached storage) connected to earth link network for students unit to use it as information device.
  8. Separate the place of master sheet from certificates room and save it in other location for releasing students’ documents.
  9. Print colorful certificates for students in standard formula for university and taking into consideration the privacy of each university.
  10.  Update electronic system to check students’ attendance to make the process much easier.
  11.  Place cameras in classrooms connecting to special control system, to check students’ attendance and uniform.