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The objectives of the department include:

The objectives of the Academic Services in the department are to :-

  • To familiarize students with the concept of providing a good standard of practice and care for their patients. This includes professional competence, good relationships with patients and observance of ethical obligations.
  • To enable the student to acquire skills relevant to Obstetrics and Gynaecology to make a clinical assessment of a problem, and develop a plan of care in its widest sense. This will involve seeing patients with a range of emergency and non emergency problems related to this module, as summarized below.
  • Manage Student life-cycle in learning obstetrics & Gynaecology from the fourth year to graduation to ensure a coherent and seamless student experience .
  • Provide students with a professional and customer – focused service in respect to essential functions. Such as teaching examinations and graduation .
  • Provide a top-level support for research and Basra`s Graduate medical college including co-ordination with other college departments & support academic planning for the college.
  • To ensure that the program of study provide students with a thorough grounding in the subject to enhance their prospects in their future careers.

 Aims of  Clinical Teaching ;

The clinical attachment of sixth year medical student includes 10 weeks training in Basrah maternity hospitals , where the clinical major staff of our department work.

The clinical training include small group teaching with daily clinical presentation of  different cases in Obstetric & Gynecological practice.

All students met weekly on Tuesday to have seminar on 10 selected important topics in Obst. & Gynecology. They have once weekly training in clinical still lab. In our college to prepare for the OSCE examin, which  took the same mark as the clinical examin.


For the fifth year the clinical  teaching is done out-patient Department in the same . hospital on patients referred to the department from medicals centers in Basrah .   The teaching include short history  taken and examination , This module last for three weeks .

Clinical skill

Clinical skill lab beside teaching and clinical examination is made on real patients and the rest of clinical teaching made  module in the clinical sill lab .

involve the development of both written and oral examination.

  • Development of OSCE examination.
  • Clinical teaching on models in the clinical skill lab.

The department strategy is to have sub-specialty in the field of obstetrics & gynaecology, including the field of infertility, gynaecology, safe motherhood, and endocrinology. The department collaborate with the department of community medicine & the department of physiology in lecturing in the area of interest.  The department is running the post graduate centre in obstetrics and gynecology under the direction of the head of the department. There are around 10-15 postgraduate students for the degree of the Iraqi or the Arabian board. Annual accepted students for training are six students, who trained under the supervision of five eligible members in the department.

Diploma courses start in November each year .The number of applicants increased from 4 students to 10 students in this year.

From 2004, diploma’s study years became two in stead of one year.

Terms and dates are available on request by the applicants.

Application forms for the admission to the higher diploma courses can be obtained from the academic registrar in the college.

The standard entrance requirements are available from the postgraduate studies section at the college.