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      To actively contribute in qualifying doctors who are able to  serve the interests of population in promoting health, protecting health, restoring health and rehabilitating handicapped


2. To strengthen research capacity both at the level of the department work territory, the level of College of Medicine- University of Basrah and at the level of the health care system.

3. To carry out and supervise research work that assists in supporting the first two objectives and also to contribute to the solution of important public health problems.

4. To provide advisory work to relevant local and national partners and non-governmental organizations within the context of public health medicine domains and in accordance with the department objectives and national interests.

5. To enhance, support and evaluate the adoption of family health model in Iraq.

6. To enhance the provision of high quality medical teaching and high quality health care with emphasis on adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency and scientific and technical excellence as important components of quality.

7. To make mutual links with external scientific and professional partnerships in accordance with department mission.