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The department of medicine is committed to academic excellence and to the attainment of regional, national and international recognition for the quality of its educational, researches and service activities. The mission of the department focuses on five broad objectives:

  1. To provide abroad based education in Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Psychiatry to graduating medical students.
  2. To provide a first rate clinical training to the medical student and increasing their clinical skills to enable them to diagnose and treat common diseases and medical emergencies in the field of internal medicine, dermatology and psychiatry.
  3. To support and promote a high standard creative academic researches within the department of medicine, college of medicine and university at large by both staffs members and post graduate students.
  4. The department also aims at studying and screening the health problems and needs of Basrah population in particular and Iraq in general and to identify the risk factors, through medical clinical researches and through being involved in the community at large.
  5. To encourage a continuous medical education for the seek of developing medical knowledge and skills to department staff, and others who are working in the fields of internal medicine, dermatology and psychiatry sciences