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The department was opened in 1971 after three years of the foundation of Basra Medical College. The department was located within the old site of the college at Bab-Al-Zubair. The department merged, at the start, with the department of surgery.

The first head of the department was Dr. Fawzia Al- Shamma (MRCOG) followed by Dr. Raja Al- Tekretti (MRCOG) who runs the department till November 1983.

In 1980, the department was moved to its new site at Basra Teaching Hospital.

From 1984, professor Nather Fatihalla (MRCOG), served in the department, as the head of the department, till September 1994. In his era, the department established the postgraduate studies. He was the director of Basra postgraduate centre in obstetrics & gynaecology, training the postgraduate students for the Arabian & Iraqi

Board Degree .in 1993, the department established the higher Diploma Degree in obstetrics & gynaecology.

In October 1994, a new head of the department assistant professor Dr Fouad Al-Dahhan( MRCOG) who is still serving in the department till the time of writing

this prospectus .The department has a national reputation in the undergraduate & postgraduate studies .In 1999 , the department achieved the first position in the final examination of the six year students among the obstetrics & gynaecological departments nationwide .

Most of the members of the academic staff are graduated from the same college,

Heads of the Department:


  1. Dr. Fawzia Al- Shamma (MRCOG) 1975 – 1977.
  2. Dr. Raja Al- Tekretti (MRCOG) 1977 – 1983.
  3. Prof. Dr. Nather Fatihalla (MRCOG) 1983 -1994.

4- Prof. Dr. Fouad Al-Dahhan( MRCOG), (FRCOG) 1994 – 2011

5- Prof.  Dr. Mysoon sharief 2011- till now.