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The history of Department if Medicine dated back to 1970.

Chair, Department of Medicine,     ProfessorKhalil I. Mohammed Al Hamdi


Deputy Chair, Department of Medicine, Abdul Ameer A. Abdul hameed

The department occupies now part of the second floor of the college

The teaching staff consists of 28 members who are qualified with highest degree in general medicine, and other medical sub specialties, Dermatology and psychiatry.

The department includes 12 divisions:

  • Division  of Dermatology
  • Division  of Cardiology
  • Division  of Gateroenterology
  • Division  of Pulmonary Medicine
  • Division  of Endocrine and Diabetes
  • Division  of Nephrology
  • Division  of Neurology
  • Division  of Infectious disease
  • Division  of Psychiatry
  • Division  of Hematology , Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Division  of  Nuclear Medicine
  • Division  of  Emergency Medicine

The teaching staff of the Department is sharing in the teaching program by giving lectures, and training of medical students in general medicine, Dermatology and Psychiatry.

The department is also responsible for the training of post graduate students of the Iraqi and Arabic board in General medicine, Dermatology and Psychiatry. The graduated student in Iraqi Board in Medicine was  51, Arabic Board in Medicine was 24, Iraqi   board   in   Dermatology   19 , Iraqi  board   psychiatry 2,and diploma in dermatology was 9 until the end of 2012.

  Chairs of the Department of Medicine 

  • Professor Mustafa Rijab Al-Nema 1970-1973
  • Professor Farook Habeeb Shena 1973- 1979
  • Professor Faeak Al-Alosey 1979-1981
  • Professor Mohammed Ab-Ruthea Al-Dbagh 1981-1984
  • Professor Mustafa Rijab Al-Nema 1985-1988
  • Professor Sarkis Krikor Strak 1988-2003
  • Professor Abdul Raheem H. Dawoud  AL- Humrani 2003-2007
  • Professor Ali  Raheem  Al-Jabery 2007-2011

Professor Khalil I. Mohammed Al Hamdi 2011-till now


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