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The department was established in the academic year 1967-1968 as Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, then as the Department of Biochemistry in the academic year 1969-1970.

The department main functions are: teaching medical chemistry, Biochemistry and clinical biochemistry to both medical and non medical undergraduate and postgraduate students at the colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry of Basra University. As well as Iraqi and Arab Board Students.

In addition to teaching, members of the department are involved in research and advisory work to other departments in the colleges of Medicine and Science and to the health authorities in Basra regarding all aspects of Clinical Biochemistry laboratory investigations.


Name Period
Dr. M.S.A. Saleem (Egyptian) 1967 – 1969
Dr. B.S. Narnek (Indian) 1969 – 1971
Dr. Ali Al-Dawood 1971 – 1972
Dr. M.A. Alawi (Pakistani) 1972 – 1974
Dr. B.S. Narnek (indian) 1974 – 1975
Dr. W. S. Al-Aamood 1975 – 1977
Dr. B.N. Renna (Indian) 1977 – 1978
Dr. A. A. Sedeqi (Pakistani) 1978 – 1979
Professor Y.A. Baqir 1979 – 1982
Professor L. M. AL-Naama 1982 –  2012

Assist. Professor  Adil A.R. Naama

2012-  2013
Professor L. M. AL-Naama 2014 –

Administration committee:

 Head of the department

Dr. Lamia Mustafa Al-Naama ,  B. Sc.( Pharmacy),  Ph. D.  , Professor of  Medical  Biochemistry


Dr.  Muhannad M. Abdul-Karim,  MBChB,  MSc,  Assist. Lecturer  of Clinical Biochemistry.