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Skill lab

The clinical skills lab. was established in 2006. the idea of implement of this project made up by the dean of Basra College of medicine, Prof. Thamer A Hamdan. The first equipage of lab. by plastic cross sections of all body organs but didn’t meet the target of ideal teaching and the increase of performance of medical students at the same time

 skill lab 1     skill 1


Mr. Dean asked for more manikins useful for examinations that could not be performed on human because of our current believes of the society such as rectal, vaginal and breast examinations. Patients also may not agree about frequent examinations by multi students such as retinal, auscultation of respiratory and cardiac sounds, cannulation, and urethral catheterization.

All these models are computerized and were brought from well known sources in England and USA.

The skills lab. was partly set in the first floor while the second floor take the privacy of basic life support, advanced life support, advanced trauma life support and training of laparoscopic cholecystectomy for postgraduate doctors.

Many training cources and work shops were established with the MSF organization in clinical skills lab. We also have training programs in the next 4 months during 2010.


skill 3


The activitiesof clinical simulations Laboratory CS

*The skeleton of clinical simulationlaboratory are

1. Dr.Nawfal Ali Mubark is the first supervisor.

2. Dr. Firas Faliha Mahaddy is the second supervisor.

*The workers are;

1.Mr.Haddy Mansoor Mohammed is the team leader.

2.Mrs.Rehab Naser Younse Technician & logistics’ supervisor.

3.Mrs Nawal kathem Majeed is the administration supervisor .

*The workers are.

1 – Sana’a Abbass Aubid

*The CSL was holding since March 2010 so far eight training courses for the residence doctors, in Trauma subjects that involve BLS,ALS,ATLS,ACSL&PTC In cooperation with Medicine Sans Fronteries & all lectures &skill station that were presented by team of Doctors qualified from the Royal college of EM& American college of EM with supervisor of CSL was held in the second floor of CSL.

Tow Training courses in addition to above for the paramedics ,

* Tow workshops one of them wasshow the electronic advance Laparoscopic proceduresfor the specialist surgeonin attending of consultations committee for Laparoscopic surgery .whilethe second one was presented the Advanced

chemotherapy in management of CA breast

skill lab 2 

*The Mission of CSL

The Deanery of Basra medical college dedicate all facilities by how to increase the scientific & the clinical performance of the medical students for giving the medical student more chance &time for doing frequent Examinations without any limitation as in the hospitals with similar the nature of human tissue ,cardiac sounds, fetal delivery & all these procedures applied it on electronic manikins through setting of special data for simulation.

The daily Number of clinical session ranging between 2-3 per day for the different last 3 medical classes .

The Vision of CSL

Establishing the Faculty to run &follow up the CENTRE of CSL to improve &increase the establishing of the workshop & to do bettercoordination with different medical branches (Medicine, Surgery ,Gynecology & pediatric )

At the end I would like to express my special thanks to the Deanery of Medical college for their continuous support & follow up & for all the worker in CSL.