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Third Basrah Scientific Day -Department of Medicine

Third Basrah Scientific Day– 15-04-2017 –Department of Medicine –College of Medicine-University of Basrah- Basrah hotel



Topics Speaker
9:00-9:05 Opening and Welcome
9:05-9:07 Quran AL kareem
9:07-9:08 National anthem
9:08-9:15 Opining Professor: Khalil Ismail Al Hamdi
9:15-9:25 Refractory hypertension Professor: Ali Raheem Al-Jabery
Session one chair: Professor: Abdul Raheem H. Dawoud AL Humrani –A Professor Khalid Uboead
9:25-9:35 Hypertensive crisis A. Professor: Yassin Uboead
9:35-9:45 Inter arm blood pressure difference between normal and hypertensive patient A.Professor: Ahmed  Aubed  Sherhan

Lecturer: Mostafa Emad Omran

9:45-9:55 The correlation between cervical spondylosis and systemic hypertension A. Professor: Talib Kadum Agar
9:55-10:05 Hydrogen breath test A. Professor: Nazar Haddad
10:05-10:15 A new approach in treatment of depression A. Professor: Aqeel Al-Sabbagh
10:15-10:30 Discussion
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Session two chair: Professor:  Ali Raheem Al-Jabery- A Professor Yassin Uboead
11:00-11:10 Update pharmacological treatment of heart failure A. Professor: Khalid Uboead
11:10-11:20 Diastolic left ventricular dysfunction ”new concept” Mazin Abed Hazaa
11:20-11:30 New treatment for hepatitis C virus infection Lecturer: Feaz Khaleaf
11:30-11:40 Malnutrition and infectious diseases A. Professor: Alaa Kutar Musa
11:40-12:00 Affinity to AT1 receptor Pharmacist :Ali Al-Sawaad
12:00-12:15 Discussion
12:15-01:00 Closing remarks
01:00 Lunch