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The Basrah Pituitary Summit

Department of Medicine -Department of surgery

Al-Faiha Specialized Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism Center(FDEMC) and Department of Neurosurgery in Basrah

The Basrah Pituitary Summit


Basrah, Sunday, February 26th 2017

Chair:Ali Raheem Al-Jabery ;  Professor- Abdulameer Abdulbari Abdulhameed ; Assistant  Professor
Final program
Topics Time Speaker
Opining remarks 10:00-10:05 Khalil Ismail Al Hamdi;  Professor
Macroprolactinemia:A diagnostic challanges 10:05-10:20 Nazar Samir Abdalwahab Chemical pathologist;  Assistant  Professor
How we define proper pituitary directed MRI 10:20-10:35 Nabil Ablateaf  ;Radiologist
Otolaryngologist in transsphenoidal pituitary surgery 10:35-10:50 Ahmed  Al Abbasi ; Professor
Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery in Basrah 10:50-11:05 Hassan Hadei;

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Is there any role for surgery in  prolactinoma 11:05-11:20 Mazen Almusawy ;

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Toward establishing pituitary registry in Basrah.
Pituitary care: Multidisciplinary team
11:20-11:35 Abbas Ali Mansour;  Professor
Acromegaly in Basrah 11:35-11:50 Abbas Ali Mansour ; Professor
Prolactinoma in Basrah 11:50-12:05 Ali Hussain Ali ;

Adult Endocrinologist

Empty sella syndrome 12:05-12:20 Ammar Mohammed Saeed;

Adult Endocrinologist

Panel discussion and Closing remarks 12:20-12:40

Khalil Ismail Al Hamdi Professor Chair Department of Medicine

After this Summit and after extensive panel discussion there was a Launch of pituitary unit in Basrah. This unit is going to have at least monthly meeting to discuss difficult pituitary cases and to improve the registry. The unit is going to be consisting of neurosurgeon, otolaryngologists and endocrinologist from Basrah.

The next plan is the have national conference on pituitary in Basrah after Ramadan.