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Meet the expert Lecture – Steroids is it a remedy for all diseases?

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As part of CME activity in Basrah College of Medicine, Professor Thamar Ahmed Hamdan Professor of Orthopedics, President of Basrah University had a lecture on Steroids is it a remedy for all diseases on January, the 17th 2017,12-2 PM in Basrah. The Audience were Master Degree Subspecialty in Clinical Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism student, Board student in Medicine and Board student in Orthopaedics.More than 100 doctors from Basrah attained the lecture.The lecture was most up to date, evidence base approach to steroid use in Medicine. Practice gaps that were addressed by the talk were on misuse and abuse of glucocorticosteroid in medical practice, especially in our area in Basrah, which is not different from other parts of Iraq. Professor Hamdan insisted on a plan to made restriction on the use of these dangerous drugs. They saved lives of peoples, but they are also a cause of long-term misery for a significant number of people.