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Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to Basrah Medical College website.11025358_10153069914541382_1544074216_o

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Medicine – University of Basrah. I hope our website will ignite your imagination as you discover our many exciting, innovative initiatives. I am positive our commitment to excellence in education, research,and community service will be prominently conveyed.

I am deeply honored to serve as dean of the College of Medicine of Basrah from which I graduated , instead of  professor Thamir Ahmed  Hamdan who became the chancellor of the University after his preferment .

I believe each student comes to College of Medicine  with a dream, with the mentorship of our college and our students’ inquisitive minds, we offer , by the aid of our history an adventure that promises to be a model for medical education in our locality . We invite you to explore and see why Basrah Medical College is like no other, it is the place to ignit your dream.


Professor Dr.Ahmed M.Mhoder Al Abbasi

Dean of College of Medicine – University of Basrah

Consultant of otolaryngology -Head &Neck surgery


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